Ensuring your laptop or desktop is performing to the best of its ability is our aim, enjoying a team of specialists that can resolve any issue you are having promptly. Working with all types of laptop and desktop brands, we can provide you with a reliable, affordable repair service time and time again.

Here at Repair IT, the team can fix all models under the following laptop and desktop brands:

  • Apple
  • PC
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Asus
  • Acer

Whether used for work, gaming or to create online tutorials, your computer will need work to the best of its ability. That’s why when issues such as smashed screens, faulty charge ports and broken keyboards arise, you need to rope in the help of an experienced technician. At Repair IT, this is us to a tee, offering a long list of laptop and desktop repair services in and around Cardiff.

Need an upgrade?

If you are looking to replace your desktop or laptop and want to know which product will best serve you and your online needs, we at Repair IT are here to help. Pop into our shop at any time and explore our impressive range of items up for sale. We may even be able to buy your old one from you!

At RepairIT we guarantee you one of the best kind of repair services for your DC Jack charging port for laptop, for your Wi-Fi problems, broken screen and other software and hardware problems. We also provide help to assemble PC and also diagnose faults with your computer. We also provide help to the general public and also to corporate organizations.



RepairIT provides for you the best kind of repair and recovery service you can find in Cardiff. We are the best when you require hardware repair for your computer because we can;

  • Assure you of the best repair for your computer in accordance with the contract of service.
  • Promote a form of warranty or response kind of service to a fix service problem.
  • We can also provide an express service for individuals who want a continuous uninterrupted business operation.
  • We also assure you of the best kind of manufacturers which will deliver to you a top-notch service.



Sometimes many problems also occur inside the system. We also provide at RepairIT services that will fix these problems on the system. Some of the software components we can help you fix includes;

  • The operating system. This software component of a computer is so important that any failure will impede the normal functioning of the other software on the computer.
  • Viruses, malware and other unwanted software. We provide fix for you from these problems because viruses can wreak havoc on your operating system and some could even steal your important information.



We can replace your laptop PC screen whenever it develops a fault. Why do we also pay attention to the screen?

  • Screens are very vital to displaying information you need to work with on the PC.

We sometimes provide solutions to Laptop PC and Computer screen problems by changing the screen. Even though your screen may not require full-screen replacement, you can be sure that your screen is restored to the normal working condition.



Data recovery has to do with trying to save data from a damaged, failed and also a corrupted storage media that cannot be accessed normally.  Sometimes the data recovery services which we provide in Cardiff is accomplished through storage media such as the usual hard disk drives both internal and external,  solid state drives usually referred to as SSD, CDs, DVDs, USB flash and so on.

A very popular data recovery which we carry out involves that of a failure to an operating system. And this usually occurs in a single disk, single -OS system.



A very good way to know if your power Jack needs replacement is when you notice that you have to hold the power plug down. You would also know that you have a problem with your power Jack when you have to hold the power plug at an angle or you even have to give its good twist.  It is a good sign that your power Jack needs to be changed. It is most times far better or cost effective to replace the power Jack as compared to getting an entirely new logic board.  At RepairIT we replace DC Jack charging port for your laptops. We also have a good stock of popular laptops DC Jacks so as to provide fast repair services for your Laptop PC. We also strive to ensure immediate services for your DC Jack charging port problems.

When it comes to replacing DC Jack it is important to note that this is no small task.  It most times entails that the laptop has to be disassembled. It also involves locating the DC Jack which has the problem and then carefully removing it and replacing it. After it is replaced then the computer can be put together.  This no doubt shows that this task isn’t for quacks but for experts which would guarantee you a no damage to your logic board and other essential Laptop PC and computer components.



A virus is no doubt a problem that many computer users encounter from time to time.  Many people have experienced a loss of important documents and folders and ever since then, they do not want to have anything to do with viruses.  Sometimes viruses can make your computer act strange and also send or receive wrong emails. Ultimately it could lead to damage to your other software’s or crash your system.  Viruses could start small by causing your laptop PC to operate slowly.  You could also gradually start to witness errors with your web browsers and then pop-up ads will start to compete for space on your screen. You also start to witness slower internet access and even your laptop homage starts to get disorganized.  At RepairIT we provide a solution for all these problems if you have any and you are anywhere around Cardiff. Many of the cases of viruses pose a big threat because they can hide inside your software and it is difficult to even notice some of them.  Most times their presence is discovered only when the situation is worse or out of hand. Many of these viruses are so dogged that most times it requires manual removal by both removing the infected flies and also by removing the malicious flies as well.  At RepairIT we assure you of all repairs bot only for hardware components but also software, viruses and also affected parts.  RepairIT is there to meet the needs of customers even though you may have a Laptop PC or computer problems. We also provide all kinds of Maintenance and consultation services. You can also be confident of a very fair price as we guarantee a friendly and trusted service. Even if the problem involves all kinds of performance issues such as a slow performance of your system or software you can be sure of an answer to your problems with RepairIT.

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